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Mobile Application Development


Mobile Application Development

WOW Net Technology is one of the earliest mobile application development services company in Nagpur that started making Android and iOS apps. We have always provided best in class service in mobile app development outsourcing services till date. Mobile applications are fast becoming the preferred mode of communication for people on the go. With the mobile revolution around the world, organizations are keen on making major advancements in the mobile space. As mobile technology allows the customers to stay connected almost all the time, enterprises are moving beyond the desktop to keep in sync with their customer’s needs. In keeping with this trend, WOW Net has built its expertise around mobile technologies on various platforms like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, among others.
Anyone planning to build an app for their business will inevitably have to answer the question: which type of mobile app do we build? You may read about other brands who tout how they built their native app from the ground up, or find out a company has a web app or a hybrid app. But what do those terms mean exactly? We hope to introduce you to the differences between the three types, and along the way, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can arrive at an informed decision.
Android platform opens up unlimited opportunities to be creative and differentiate mobile apps as much you can explore the technical possibilities. Google extends its powerful capabilities to android which makes this as a strategic platforms to many enterprises We develop high-quality Android Applications for Mobiles and Tablets, Our Android Application Developers have extensive knowledge and experience in mobile application development

using java language and android framework. We have developed Android applications like:

  • E-commerce and Shopping Apps
  • Retail and Fashion Apps
  • Education Apps
  • Social Networking and Social Media Apps
  • Travel Apps, Food and Restaurant Apps
  • Book Apps
  • Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Apps
  • Real Estate Apps And Home Automation Apps
  • Music Apps, Multimedia Apps
  • Native apps a native app is one that is set up without delay onto the smartphone and can paintings, in maximum instances, with out a internet connectivity depending on the nature of the app. local apps are established through an utility keep (inclusive of Google Play or Apple's App save). a native app, is a software mobile application built in a specific programming language, for the precise device platform, both iOS or Android
  • Web Apps Web apps behave similarly to native apps but are accessed via a web browser on your mobile device. They’re not standalone apps in the sense of having to download and install code into your device. They’re actually responsive websites that adapt its user interface to the device the user is on. In fact, when you come across the option to “install” a web app, it often simply bookmarks the website URL on your device.
  • Hybrid Apps They are built using multi-platform web technologies (for example HTML5, CSS and Javascript). So-called hybrid apps are mainly website applications disguised in a native wrapper. Apps possess usual pros and cons of both native and web mobile applications.

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